FOLLOWING YOUR PASSION, BEING TRUE TO YOURSELF , and MENTAL TOUGHNESS are the main focus of Lisa's speaking engagements, however, presentations can be tailored to suit a specific program.  Speaking engagements are 90-minutes in length, fully interactive and cover up to two topics.  Coach Lisa is a motivational speaker (even though she dislikes those terms) at Colleges, Sports Programs, Schools, and Businesses.  If there is a need to inspire to see the vision, she is there.  

2018 bookings now open.


  • Mental Toughness: 90% of the LIFE GAME

  • The Power of Team Passion, Team Vision, and Team Goals: TPVG PRO TALK

  • Raise The Bar, Raise your Standards, Raise Your Identity

  • The Path to Our Vision: Into The Valley to The Top - FIGHT

  • Self-Confidence, Self-Certainty, Self-Belief: OWN IT, ROCK IT, REMAIN IT.

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